The Competitors

The Competitors are:

  1. Abigail Deirdre Gullo (SoBou) will be creating the “Louisiana Breakfast Martini”
  2. Amber Peterson (Kingfish) will be creating the “Shake Your Shimmy, Sister!”
  3. Andrea Heming (Purloo) will be creating the “Jalapeño Business”
  4. Crystal Kay Pavlas (St. Lawrence) will be creating the “A Kiss from the South”
  5. Michael Oatis (The Puccini Bar – Four Points by Sheraton) will be creating the “Petite Brunch with a Bite”
  6. Salvatore Agnello (Bellocq) will be creating the “Little Farms Avenue”
  7. Scot Mattox (El Guapo) will be creating the “Amos Moses”
  8. Tyler Chauvin (Treo) will be creating the “Hot Honey in the City”
  9. Wyatt Lowrey (Booty’s Street Food) will be creating the “Bless Your Heart”

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