Salvatore Agnello

Born and raised in New York City, South Brooklyn specifically, Salvatore Salvatore Agnellois the Managing Director of Bellocq. An avid scuba diver, he got his first taste of the liquor industry working as a bartender in Auckland, NZ in 2007, to save up some extra diving money. It stuck and since he has furthered his knowledge of wine in Italy, and tended bar on and off again in New York while at Stony Brook University. Sal has spent the last three years living and working in New Orleans, at the CureCo operated cocktail bar Bellocq.

Little Farms Avenue

  • 5oz Cathead Honey Suckle
  • .75 Lemon Juice
  • large barspoon ~ .75 oz Louisiana Sisters Pepper Jelly
  • 1 dash Angostura Bitters
  • Splash Sparkling Brut (Montmartre)
  • Lemon Twist


Add pepper jelly and juice to a shaking tin and stir to incorporate pepper jelly.  Add Cathead honeysuckle, dash of angostura and ice and shake hard.  Double strain into a chilled coupe and top with a small splash of Montmartre.  Garnish with a lemon pigtail.bellocq-logo


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  1. Dear Salvatore,
    I am looking forward to meeting you and learning more about your style of cocktails. Anytime you put Louisiana Sisters and Champagne/Sparking Wine in the same sentence it has to be good. Right.

    Thank you for participating in our completion,

    Sharon Mahne
    Louisiana Sisters.


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